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請問一下,因為我小時候取得了綠卡,但是因為在台灣就學的關係七年沒入境!現在因為想進去美國讀書,不知道有什麼辦法能夠比較保險入境而不被沒收我的綠卡是換過的新卡,有磁條的!P.S. 希望是提出自己身邊人的經驗,並告訴我大概的步驟和海關詢問的問題與比較好的答案,並且希望時間是在911之後美國海關變嚴密後的經驗!謝謝

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    Unfortunately, staying abroad for more than one year or longer you may lose your green card.

    An important part of obtaining and keeping a Green Card is your intention to make the U.S. your permanent residence. A Green Card holder may travel abroad and use the Green Card as a re-entry document. If you hold a Green Card you may stay abroad for up to six months without any problem. Absences abroad of more than six months but less than one (1) year create a reputable presumption that you intended to abandon your residence. However if you are abroad for more than a continuous period of one year or longer you may lose your right to use the Green Card to re-enter the U.S. While the Immigration Officer is supposed to deny those abroad for a year or longer admission, in practice many INS inspectors at the airport will admit you. However, a re-entry permit does not guarantee your re-admission into the U.S.

    If you intend to be absent from the U.S. for 1-2 years, you should obtain a re-entry permit. This is an indication that the INS has accepted your explanation that your intention is to stay abroad for 1-2 years as a "temporary" matter.

    Here is a link showing some "general rules" to keep your green card:


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    grapekao's suggestion is great!!beside that, try provide the following:1. A REENTRY PERMIT 2. TAX RETURNS3. A USA ADDRESS4. A USA BANK ACCOUNTS (/ CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS)5. A USA DRIVING LICENSE6. OWNERSHIP OF U.S. PROPERTY

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    Although it is not easy since you are absent too long, just give a trial and emphasize the education in Taiwan is a compulsory one so that you are not allowed to go freely before completion.

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    Or you can stop by Canada and drive to the States. They will check green card but not passport.

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