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Company Ltd, which has claimed that it has been eight years in the planning68. Although the idea of a nationwide intranet appealed to the CPC, most of these intranets failed miserably in capturing the public\'s interest and the viability of a nationwide intranet has not worked in China so far. Consequently, CCP had to put the emphasis on other ways of content control such as blocking and filtering to change the code. China has long taken all possible measures to use blocking and filtering technology to control the Internet, which has gained much world attention. At Harvard Law School, there is specific research on China\'s Internet filtering -- Real-Time Testing of Internet Filtering in China69, which collects the websites filtered by the Chinese government provided by Internet users online.

For the relatively neutral websites, i.e. universities\' websites and search engines, the

CPC uses filtering code to thwart its free flow so that Internet users in China cannot access the \"unhappy information\" but can visit other appropriate information. This method is widely used for most websites outside China. Through filtering70, only the content deemed

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    有限公司公司, 聲稱它是八年在planning68 。雖然一個全國性內部網的想法喜歡CPC, 大多這些內部網淒慘地無法奪取公共利益和一個全國性內部網的生活能力到目前為止未運作在中國。結果, CCP 必須投入對美滿的控制其它方式的重點譬如阻攔和過濾改變代碼。中國長期需要了所有可能的措施使用阻攔的和過濾的技術控制網際網路, 獲取了世界注意。在哈佛法學院, 有對中國的網際網路過濾的具體研究-- 實時測試網際網路過濾在China69, 收集網站由中國政府過濾由Internet 用戶在網上提供。為相對地中立網站, 即大學的網站和查尋引擎, CPC 使用過濾的代碼反對它的自由流程以便網際網路用戶在中國無法訪問"怏怏不樂的資訊" 但可能參觀其它適當的資訊。這個方法廣泛被應用為多數網站在中國境外。通過filtering70, 唯一內容視為

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