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       Thank you for choosing XXX airlines departuring from Taipei and arriving at XXXX city. We will be arriving at XXX aiport at_______ time. The total duration time for this flight is ______ hours.

    We are scheduled to depart CKS International Airport within mins.

    (飛機 door closed):

    We are ready to take off shortly. At this point, please make sure that all electronics are turned off. After we reach crusing altitude, you may start using electronic products (such as: laptops, cameras, ipods, etc). However, cellphones should remained turned off until we arrive at XXXX airport.


       At this time, please make sure that your seatbelts are securly fastened. We will be playing an inflight security video shortly.


    空服小姐: The two main dish offered today on this flight is chiken and noodles or beef and rice. 今天提供雞配麵 and 牛肉配飯. 請問想吃甚麼?

    乘客: I want beef and rice, please. 請給我牛肉配飯

    空服小姐: OK! Also, what do you want to drink? 想喝甚麼嘛? We offer tea, coffee, water, juice or red wine. 我們提供茶, 咖啡, 水, 果汁或紅酒.

    乘客: Please give me a cup of ___. 請給我一杯___.


    Dear passengers,

    We will be arriving at ___________________ airport shortly. At this point we will end all beverage services and our inflight entertainment system (AVOD). Please make sure that your seat belts are securly fastened, electronic products are turned off, seatback are returned to its original position, tables are properly folded and returned to its original place. Thank You.


       Dear passengers,

    We have landed at XXXX International Airport. The local time is _______ am/ pm. The current weather is 21 C. Please remain seated in your seat until the airpline had reached GATE 1. After you deplane, you may collect all your baggages at Lobby 1. Again, thank you for choosing XXXX Airlines. It had been a great pleasure to serve you and we hope to see you soon again!

    希忘以上對話有幫助 =) Have fun flying!!!!!!


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