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My Bedroom

My Bedroom in vision is major by wooden

floor, door, desk, clost , and even bedside cupboard....etc, are made by wooden

The reason of that because the wooden give me d warm feeling

But there are three point that I don\'t like in my room

The first point, there is a big defect that dust is easy to accumulate

and it\'s clear to see after I clean it tow days later.

The second point. A big clost is stickied with a whole wall in my bedroom

All of things are put in the clost are not mine

It\'s full of fourniture ,therefor I have to buy a new wardrobe to occpy in my room

The third point that I hate is there are two windows at my wall in my room

one is face to East ,and the other is face to South

when summer is comming, my windows are downpour by sun and become very hot

The temperature in my room is always over 34,

sothat Iused it to read and sleep in the night

My bed room in the morning are 「No Entry」in general because it\'s like a sauna

Altough my room is occupd with difect and window

It\'s my warm bedroom to keep with me for a long time.
















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    The furniture that in my bedroom are mostly made by wood. The floor, door, closet, desk even the bed and everything, is made by wood. The reason I choose wood over everything for my bed because it is very cozy to me. However, there are something that I don't like about my bedroom. First, the dust is too easy to accumulate which made me clean my bedroom all tht eim. Secondly, I have a very big closet which take a very large space of my bedrrom. It contain mostly of my daily supply, not my cloth. In addition, I have to buy an extra closet to put my cloth in it. Last but not least, I have two windows in my bedroom, one face the east and the other one face the south. It can be very hot during the summer time, the highest temperture can goes to 34 degrees, so I rarely stay at my bedroom. It is extremely hot especially in the morning. My bedroom is only use for study and sleep. Even though my bedroom is usually like an sauna, and the closet and the 2 windows takes half of the space of my room. I still love my cozy bedroom because it has been with me for over 10 years.


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