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The Financial Supervisory Commission confirmed on Thursday that beginning in April, eight big card-issuing banks will be allowed to charge lower interest rates on revolving credit-card debt to customers with strong credit records.

Some domestic banks have already posted the new rates on revolving debt that will take effect in April. They range from a low of 3.99 percent to a high of 19.71 percent. For foreign banks, said to have higher costs, rates will range between 10 and 20 percent.

金管會規定,八大發卡銀行循環信用差別利率將在四月上路,之前信用良好的持卡人,四月開始可以享受較低的循環利率. 發卡銀行循環利率,國內銀行,目前已經公布的,最低只有3.99%,最高則是19.71%。至於外商銀行方面,由於成本較高,最低利率是10%左右,最高則是20%。差別利率四月上路後,之前信用良好的持卡人,可以享受較低的循環利




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    Credit card holders who have strong credit record will get a lower interest rates between 3.99 percent and 19.71 percent from domestic banks, and 10 percent to 20 percent from foreign banks, and this will take effect in April.

    Although credit cards is very convenient to us, we must be careful of our financial ability when we use it.

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    The interest rate is going to cut down for the credit card holder who has good credit record from the beginning of April. For the domestic banks (也可用 local banks), the interest rate range from 3.99 percent lowest to 19.7 percent highest, and for those foreign banks, the range will be 10 percent lowest to 20 percent highest. Credit card is very convenience to use but we need to pay extra attention and according to our financial abilities when we use it.

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