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    Die Wacht am Rhein  (The Watch/Guard on the Rhine)守望萊茵  普法戰爭時期的歌曲  德國愛國歌曲  wiki連結此網頁有音樂檔歌詞翻成英文是1.It roars a call like an echo of thunder, like clashes of swords and collitions of billows: to the Rhine, to the Rhine, to the German Rhine!: Who wants to be the stream's guardian? Refrain 疊句Dear fatherland shall be silent, Dear fatherland shall be silent: Firmly and devoted stands the watch, the watch on the Rhine! Firmly and devoted stands the watch, the watch on the Rhine! 2.Through hundreds of thousands it quickly twitches, and everybody's eyes brightly flash; the German honestly, piously, and strongly, protects the sacred land. Refrain 3.He looks up to the meadows of heaven, where ancient heroes glance down, and swears with pride pugnacity: You Rhine will remain German like my chest! Refrain 4.As long as a drop of blaze still glows, a fist still draws the dager, and one arm still holds the rifle, no enemy will here enter your shore! Refrain 5.The oath rings out, the billow runs the flags wave high in the wind: On the Rhine, on the German Rhine we all want to be the guardian. Refrain

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