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勇逸 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

急! 幫我翻一下英文! 感恩!

cyberspace must not be an exception, and should be regulated as real life is.

The prosperity of the Internet has introduced many challenges to human society. In

1995 when the Internet burst onto the international scene, Negroponte said copyright law

was outdated in his famous book, Being Digital16, which meant that he believed that

copyright law could not function in cyberspace as it had done in real life. However, people

are always working to find some ways to solve the new problems or issues resulting from

the Internet. People review the technology of the Internet, and hope it could be altered as

needed. In my opinion, creating new laws and revising current ones are the most efficient

ways of maintaining order on the Internet.

In relation to copyright, the two international digital treaties of the World

Intellectual Property Organization (\"WIPO\") have come into force in 200217. In the United

States, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (\"DMCA\") makes Lessig anxious

since he claims that some stipulations in the DMCA give too much copyright control over

the Internet and technology18. The demise of Napster19 at the hands of the DMCA confirms

his concerns. Even in China where it is widely accepted that copyright is not protected

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    在他的著名的書裡過時,作為Digital16,這意味著他相信那版權法不能在計算機空間裡起作用,因為它已經在真正的生活過程中做。 不過,人總是工作發現解決新問題或者問題的一些方法為起因于網際網路。 人們評論網際網路的技術,並且希望它可能被改變作為需要。 在我看來,建立新法律,修正當今的是最有效率的在網際網路上維持次序的模式。

    關於版權,世界的兩項國際數字化的條約智慧產權組織("世界智慧產權組織")在200217年已經生效。 在聯合裡國家,1998("DMCA")的數字化的千年<<版權法>>使Lessig焦慮不安自從他聲稱,那在那些DMCA內的一些約定條件給太多版權對的控制網際網路和technology18。 Napster19的終止在DMCA的控制下確認

    他的關心。 即使在廣泛地相信版權不被保護的中國

    Source(s): 網路翻譯
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