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    教你一個最快、最簡單、又不花錢的辦法 —— 網路劇本你在找洋片的劇本的時候,去 google 的搜索引擎打入影片的英文名,和 "script",就能找到很多不同版本的完整原文劇本了。比如《絕地任務》,先查到英文名是《The Rock》,然後在 google 的搜索引擎打:the rock, script然後你再看,出來很多結果呢。你在裡面選一個你自己最喜歡的版本就可以了。(大多數的網路劇本是只含台詞,沒有場景描述的。)比如《絕地任務》,我選了這個版本,不但有人物對白,而且有場景和動作的描述,是一部很完整的劇本。 camera cuts between General Hummel getting dressed into military clothing and a military burial taking place. We hear two voices on a radio, in what seems to be like a war:   Get us out of here now. We won't let you down. We won`t let you down, son. General Hummel, get my men out of here now! (pause) They`re not coming for us, are they sir?   Hummel (VO): Congressman Weaver and esteemed members of the Special Arms Services Committee, I come before you to protest a grave injustice. It has to stop. Hummel: I miss you so much. There's something I've got to do, Barb. Something I couldn't do while you were here. I tried, you know I tried everything, and I still don't have their attention. Let's hope this elevates their thinking, but whatever happens, please don't think less of me. Cut to a military base. Hummel's men position themselves outside, and start their attack.   Captain Hendrix: Marine, report to garrison C.O. that General Hummel is coming aboard with a security inspection team. Marine: Yes, sir. Sir, it is an honour having you, sir.    Hummel nods. .............另外推薦你一個我自己常用的劇本台詞網站:也非常好用。

    Source(s): 自己 + 網路資料。瘋狂的電影迷。
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