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          What your point of view about casino

  Believed everybody isn\'t unfamiliar about casino, but regarding so prosperous sin city, everyone the viewpoint that embraces to have the dissimilarity. Speaking of we, the casino certainly is not has the advantage to the society of product.

  The person said the small gambling is joyful, but big gambling is harms the body. Be like some persons to always think a night becomes rich, and doesn\'t divide the day and night gambling, money lost to borrow again, borrowing to gambling again, so circulating, lots of people go bankrupt for this, and breaks up a family. Contrary of , casino is they promotes the prosperous important origin.

  But as for us, It just is a place which goes out the amusement to be allowed to visit. Is not spend lots of time and money, finally gain all of regretting. In a word, we don\'t approve this kind of waits for 1/10000000 probability, the person don\'t make the daydream are better.


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    I believe everybody will not feel unfamiliar with casino but we share different points of views regarding a gambling city whose prosperity results from casino. To us, casino by no means is a product that will be conducive to society.

    As a saying goes, gambling with little amount is enjoyable but with huge amount harmful. Somebody keeps thinking that fortune will come one day, and therefore gambles day in, day out. With a cycle of borrowing money and using all on gambling, many people spent go bankrupt and their family breaks up. Conversely, these all are the main source for casino to boost their prosperity.

    We think that casino is the place we can go visiting during our travel but it is not a place where we should waste our time and money in exchange of only regrets. All in all, we do not approve of the act of awaiting good luck to come, whose probability is so slim . It is after all better for people to live their lives in a more practical way!

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    many people spent go bankrupt and their family breaks upSorry, it should be "many people go bankrupt and their family breaks up"

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