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    1, the most important special features in the xx spinning is strictly to will up and down swim to produce the structure to combine, and control the original material of the merchandise and the quality of the product.

    2, the leader has the farsighted target, the leading organizes the member to go to the secluded nation to establish the factory, and reduces the personnel expenses and production cost expense.

    3, improve the traditional management method, and adopt in good time in the right place to match with mutually, announce new products with popular the vogue combines.For responding on the market the need idea of the consumer;And announce "a little amount diverse" to be the most main target of company.

    4, in earlier period, the company product has no diverse sex, same trade the competitor is also opposite higher.Facing the biggest problem at that time BE, only helped the foreign company to act for and didn't own from created the brand and merchandise to promote sales the advertisement;Let many consumers don't know the product is produced but become by the xx of, also missed many chances.

    5, put forward the special project to my country businessman due to the diplomatic relations country, for example:Don't need the tariff with have no quota the restrict.Because the local supplies lacks of, needing to cost longer time to transport original material to the region, so make competitor also opposite and lower;And the local wages is cheap to make the personnel cost greatly floated to descend to also resolve the local unemployed problem.

    6, Taiwan joins the WTO market to open and pounds at the existing manufacturer, and first meets of problem BE, Mainland China dumps to the set, making the native manufacturer face the biggest dilemma, how should resolve and respond.

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    1st, xx textile most important characteristic is upper and lower level the production structure union, and strictly controls business the original material and the product quality.

    2nd, the leader has the long term goal, guides the organization members to suppose the factory to the far away country, and reduces human affairs expense and the production cost expenses.

    3rd, improvement tradition management way, but picks proper time and space mutually coordinates, to promote the new product and the popular fashion union. For in accordance to market in consumer's demand idea; But promotes "few is diverse" takes the company most essential target.

    4th, in the early time, the company product relatively does not have the multiplicity, the same business competitors to be also higher. At that time faced the most major problem is, only helped the overseas company proxy but not to have the homemade brand and the commodity promotion advertisement; Let the ornamental hairpin h consumer not know the product is, also has missed the ornamental hairpin h opportunity which produces by xx becomes.

    5th, because the diplomatic relation country proposes the preferential benefit plan to our country merchants, for example: Exempts the customs duty and the non- quota limit. Because the local commodity lacks, must spend a longer time the original material transportation appropriately, therefore relatively causes the competitor to be also lower; Moreover the local wages inexpensively causes the human affairs cost greatly to float the drop also to solve the local unemployment problem.

    6th, Taiwan joins the WTO market to open attacks the existing merchant, but first meets the question is, mainland China dumps to Taiwan, causes our country merchant faced with the biggest difficult position, how should solve and in accordance to.

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