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Essay about Marketing mix﹌20點

Essay Questions:

Question1. A college in a metropoitan area (e.g. HK) wishes to increase its evening-school offerings of business-related courses such as marketing, accounting, finanace, and management. Who are the target market customers(students) for these courses?

Question2. What actions involving the four marketing mix elements might be used to reach the target market in Question1

Quesion3. What environmental factors(uncontrollable variables) must the college in Question2 consider in designing its marketing program?

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    The target customers are those professionals and to-be-managers working in the metropoitan area. Professionals in certain job function seeking to equip themselves with broader business knowledge may be interested in the evening courses. White collars looking for opportunities to be promoted to managers will also be interested.


    Product - buffet style elective courses and/or combination of courses for a certain purpose, e.g. finance courses for non-financial professionals and management basics.

    Price - benchmark, break-even, etc.

    Promotion and Place - product push such as cooperation with learning departments of major business; event or advertising pull such as public seminars with ley note speakers.


    The macro and micro elements mentioned by 美樂蒂 are good references.

    Some examples:

    - Government regulation of transfering the course credits into degrees.

    - The maturity of Training & Development function in most companies.

    - The course offerings of other colleges.

    - Share of educational resources, e.g. faculty reputation, equipments.

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    Can You elaborate in more detail, just like an essay

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    Q1/ Answer: Target market is the person who are interested in those courses.

    Q2/ Answer: Marketing Mix: 4P ( Price / Product(service) / Place ( distribution) / Promotion. You can further develope 4P by useing SWOT analysis.

    Q3/ Answer: Macro: PESTEL ( polotical / economic / social / technology / environment / legal )

    Micro: Porter's five forces ( suppliers / buyers / entrants / substitutes / competitors ) You can use PESTEL and five forces to develope the marketing plan.

    2006-04-01 06:41:32 補充:

    Q1: Targeting market may be the people who are currently full-time employed and interested to get the further education in order to get promoted in the future.

    Source(s): from Marketing Strategy
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