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明天就要考試了= =結果忘了帶回來

有的打給我也可以= =只要單字就好



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  • 1 decade ago
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    indescribable (adj)

    unbearable (adj)

    commuter (n)

    addict (n)

    Hilary Swank

    dreamer (n)

    crack (v)

    gymnastics (n pl)

    bug (n)

    wholeheartedly (adv)

    enroll (v)

    land (v)

    audition (n)

    intact (adj)

    avid (adj)

    celebrity (n)

    down-to-earth (adj)

    In a Time of Need

    rehearse (v)

    privilege (n)

    propose (v)

    gymnasium (n)

    look on the bright side (idiom)

    mechanic (n)

    presume (v)

    ignorant (adj)

    count on someone or sth. ( v)

    tow (v)

    all along (adv)

    toast (n)

    2006-03-23 21:00:44 補充:

    diverse (adj)border (v)sprawl (n) suburb (n)luxurios (adj)glamorous (adj) on the edge of one's seat (idiom)cruise (v) stellar (adj) pier (n)hang out ( n)nationality (n)

    2006-03-23 21:01:47 補充:

    A taste of Mexicofare (n) decor (n)moist (adj) crunchy (adj)delectable (adj)filling (adj)ponder (v)make for sth. (v)

    2006-03-23 21:03:09 補充:

    The Boyfriend Invasioninvasion (n) privacy (n)defensive (adj)put up with sth. (idiom) go behind someone's back (idiom) considerate (adj) smitten (adj) old-fashioned (adj)

    2006-03-23 21:03:35 補充:

    Wanted: Workers With Foreign Language Skillsgive someone and edge (idiom) proficiency (n) possess (v)perk (n)in demand (idiom)sought after (idiom) marketing (n)know-how (n)

    2006-03-23 21:04:34 補充:

    One-of-a-Kind Hotelsdiscerning (adj)extravagant (adj)accommodations (n pl) rustic (adj)reputation (n) expansive (adj) cater (v) outstanding (adj)literally (adv) tilt (v)fairy tale (n)settle for sth. (v)

    2006-03-23 21:05:18 補充:

    On Time on the dot(idiom)perceive (v)standardize (v)precedence (n) leeway (n)segment (n) characterize(v)set aside (v)impersonal (adj) associate (n)productivity (n)inefficient (adj)

    Source(s): 我家的空英
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