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can't type chinese, help....

i am going to write a complain about NHI to 全民健康保險爭議審議, but I can\'t type Chinese, so the following words are copied and pasted one by one from others....

can some one look at it and make it sounds/looks better?


it took me 3 days to finish following.....



二、更何況十年來從不知有健保, 也沒健保卡. 也沒任何的通知. 當時的地址電話從來沒變過, 代表健保局從來沒有做過何任事. 否則早就辦理”停保”.

”停保” - 別說我十多年來人在國外從沒聽說過, 大部分在台的人也不知是什麼. 這次去了北部健保局他們才說…..


只因有入境記錄, 就要繳過去的健保費, 不合理!!


thank you for your info, miko,

i did go there and try to resolve this face to face, but they told me to write to 全民健康保險爭議審議委員會 - means they don't care @ this point. if i have complains - go somewhere else. so this is why i spent 3 days search chinese words one by one and did this letter.....

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    what can i say....that's the policy...The government keep on fleecing people money without doing anything constructively and they thought we're small kids that can be easily cheated.This is another kind of kulak!I think they might be thinking this way: you rent a house, though you're not in for 10 years, you still have to pay the rental fee when u come back. I'm not a taiwanese so I'm not sure about the way they run the rules but what i know is that i'm paying some shits every month for i didnt even been to the hospital for even once. Maybe you can have a look at the NHI for some correlative enactment. click hereBut for what i know,the letters sent normally wont be advertented. You better go to the NHI yourself and ask the authority. Meet them face to face.Then u might get the answer you want. But dont anticipate too much cos sometimes they need a month or so to ratify a case.If you want to type in chinese,u can try this. You type the english word then you can make it in chinese. It's a dictionary. click here

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