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  • 1 decade ago
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    acrosome adventuresome autosome awesome blithesome boresome bothersome bunglesome burdensome centrosome chondriosome chromosome chucklesome cuddlesome cumbersome darksome delightsome desmosome dictyosome dolesome endosome episome eyesome fearsome flavorsome foursome fretsome frolicsome fulsome gamesome gladsome gleesome grewsome gruesome handsome heartsome irksome isochromosome karyosome kinetosome larksome leptosome lightsome liposome lissome lithesome loathsome lonesome longsome lothsome lovesome lysosome meddlesome melanosome mesosome mettlesome microsome monosome nettlesome noisome nucleosome oxysome peroxisome polyribosome polysome quarrelsome ribosome sarcosome schistosome some synaptosome threesome tiresome toilsome toothsome trisome troublesome trypanosome twasome twosome ugsome unawesome unhandsome unwholesome venturesome wagsome wailsome wearisome wholesome winsome woesome worrisome

    2006-03-23 19:58:35 補充:

    去網站打入 *some 就可以了其中我有聽過的字﹐前面也有意思的有....awesomeburdensomefoursomehandsomelonesomequarrelsometiresomethreesometroublesomewholesome

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Awesome : 令人敬畏的

    2. Troublesome:令人煩惱的

    3. Bothersome : 麻煩的

    4. Burdensome : 累贅的

    5. Cumbersome : 笨重的

    6. Irksome : 令人討厭的

    7. Tiresome : 麻煩的

    8. Wearisome : 無聊的

    9. Toilsome : 費力的

    10. Worrisome : 悶悶不樂的

    Source(s): 自己 + Dr.eye
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  • 1 decade ago

    quarrelsome => 愛爭吵的 quarrel 爭吵 吵架

    burdensome => 難以承擔的 burden 重負

    fearsome =>樣子可怕的 fear 恐懼 害怕

    meddlesome =>好干預的 meddle 干預 干涉

    threesome =>三個一組的 three 三個

    lonesome =>孤單的 lone 孤單的

    chromosome =>染色體 chromo 顏色的


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  • 1 decade ago

    fearsome 可怕的

    tiresome 令人厭倦

    lonesome 孤獨的

    wearisome 令人疲倦的

    quarrelsome 好爭吵的

    chromosome 染色體

    monosome 單體染色體

    longsome 漫長的

    troublesome 麻煩的

    threesome 三個一組 (或搞3P) 也有 twosome (2P) 和 foursome (4P)

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