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因大一課程包括藝術欣賞、西洋文學概論、中國語文表達、英文作文、英語會話 等等,都是紮根的基礎學門,因此不能荒廢。對於自己喜歡的科目會更積極,並加強英語溝通能力。除了必修課程外,趁著大一畢業壓力較小時,多加選一些課程來充實自己,此外參加學校社團活動,利用寒暑假到旅行社或補習班實習。一來可學習人際關係的經營,以提升自己良好的人際互動與情緒管理;二來多了實務經驗,磨練處理能力,為往後奠下良好的基礎。



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    Because a great course including art appreciation , Western literature outline , hitting mandarin document expressing , the English composition , English conversation ,etc., all foundations taking root studies the door, so can't fall into disuse . Subject liked to oneself will be more positive , and will strengthen English and link up ability . Except compulsory course, when heavy to graduate the pressure to select some more course to substantiate oneself when being smaller, in addition participate in the school corporation activity , spend winter and summer vacation to the travel agency or the continuation class to practising. Can first study the management of the interpersonal relationships , in order to improve one's own good managing with mood interpersonally and interdynamically; Second much practice experience, temper and deal with ability , in order to establish the good foundation backward.

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