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expecting 和 expected 的差別...

我想請問~英文我說: expected  Saturday(第1句)                expecting Saturday(第2句)這兩者各要怎樣"翻譯"和"解釋文法"?請給我清楚正確的解釋!!如果在這兩例子外~能再舉兩組examples(包含中文解釋)者優先給點數!!

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    Hello... 兩者區別如下喔~

    "expected Saturday"

    expected adj. (形容詞)==> 預期中的;期待中的

    例句: My expected Saturday is sleep all day and do nothing.


    **有希望, 夢想的意思..

    "expecting Saturday"

    expect V. (動詞) 期待

    expecting==> 期待的進行式

    例句: I am expecting Saturday to come. So I can rest a little bit.

    我 正期待星期六的到來, 因此我可以休息一下.

    **expecting 還有"懷孕"的意思喔 ; Ann is expecting.

    這樣清楚嗎?? 希望對你有幫助喔~

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    expected Saturday(第1句)-令人期待的星期六

    This is my expected Saturday. So relaxing.

    這是我所期待的星期六 真輕鬆

    expecting Saturday(第2句)-期待星期六

    Expecting Saturday all the time is not good.


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