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    I enjoy playing table tennis and badminton, I had a great interest int able tennis when i was in primary. Everytime we have a break I raced to the courts and played with my schoolmates. I kept on playing when I was in collge so I developed a good skill.



    Sprinting is one of my strong skills as well. My body is small and lightweighted but I have a good speed. Once I won second place in the primary sprinting race but when I went into secondary school I quitted because of my genetic reasons. When I was in college I often became the main force for my class and honoured our class greatly each time.

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    I like playing table tennis and badminton, I feel a great interest in the primary school in table tennis, is it is it is it learn table tennis court with classmate from each other to go straight to leave the position to get each time , often play too after reaching the high school, so can say that technology is good in table tennis.


    First, race

    Dash track event, it is my strong point too, though the body is modest, the speed is very fast, obtain primary school group county match second place once, junior middle school later because Northwest that physique suffer a loss, so there is no development to this respect, the competition often becomes main force in the high lieutenant colonel, must win honour for the class each time.

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