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謝謝各位大大呢!! ^^\"

(一) 家人對我的影響

生長在\"三代同堂\"的環境下,我是在眾人的呵護和細心的栽培下長大。從小,家人就教導我待人處世的三大準則 : 一是誠實。二是正確的態度。三是隨和而不隨流的處事原則。



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    (1) family member grows to my influence in "under the three

    generations under the same roof" environment, I am grow up in numerous

    people's protecting with the careful cultivation under. Since

    childhood, the family member taught I treat people 處世 three big

    criteria: One is honest. Two is the correct manner. Three is amiable

    but does not follow the current handles matters the principle. Honest

    is to oneself, confesses to the other people. Cannot have the deceit

    for own benefit or conceal. This causes me even if faces the mistake,

    also the brave ground to, and performs to improve, takes as the

    warning example. The correct manner is in faces time the difficulty or

    the difficult problem correct point of view. The old father once told

    mine: "A person's success or not, has the greatest connection with him

    facing the thing manner. "

    Therefore, grows in me in the process, understood very much adjusts

    oneself facing each kind of thing point of view, believed future in

    the university profession, will go abroad pursues advanced studies and

    gets employed on, I all will be able to grasp the correct manner to

    face, and the development will train oneself watches the matter from

    the various angle. In moral moral character and interpersonal

    relationship, because receives family member's Xun ceramic since

    childhood, is amiable but does not follow the current always is the

    faith which my way one treats people embraces.

    Knew after first order section screening, I feels quite happily.

    Facing the second stage verification, I hug both am being anxious the

    mood and expensive professor which and anticipated speak face-to-face.

    I regarding the result which cannot be known, feels gingerly, but I

    quite anticipated the future fortunately will be able to join the your

    school the ranks, will display individual potential under the your

    school inspiration, and will bring honor for the your school.

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