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Honey :

As you focus on reading my words ... I don`t know if you are the person whose inner are strength enough think what signals do you recognize in your inner body when you truly love someone ... when you imaging holding by my arms and I am gazing into your eyes ... what is the first signal you get when you deeply love someone ...and what is the next ... what is the third .... maybe you can remember more if your inner strength is strong enough ... how strong are they ... how do they feel by sequence ? ... now ... just as you pondering on these ... seeing each other .... feel the warmth of my arms ...what will you tell me the answer ... ?


謝謝 我是知道這篇在講什麼


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    Yuck! But if I am to reply, I will say:


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    當你把重心集中在讀我所說的話。。。現在。。。 我不知道,是否你是人誰的內心是力量充足。。。想什麼信號做當你真正愛某人的時候,你在你的內心外在中認識。。。 當你描繪固守我的手臂和我正在進入你的眼睛之內凝視。。。 當你深深地愛某人的時候,你得到的第一個信號是什麼。。。而且下一個是什麼。。。 第三個是什麼.... 如果你的內心力量夠強的,也許你能記得更多。。。 他們多強。。。 如何。。。?

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