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1. twenty-o-eight

2. twenty-eight

3. two thousand eight

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    應該唸 Two Thousand Eight

    用英語讀年份,向來是把年份分拆為兩部份,以一九九七年為例,說法是 nineteen ninety-seven。但踏入新千禧的興奮,令大家異口同聲改為說 year two thousand(二千年),至今年仍繼續說 year two thousand and five(二千零五年)。

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    eight years and two milleniums after jesus got out of mary's womb

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    year two thousand n eight la...........(n = and)......

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    2008 = two thousand eight

    口語的話就是 Two thousand and eight

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    就說,怎樣怎樣... in two thousand eight 就可以了。

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  • we always say that:

    two thousand and eight

    Source(s): my experience of study in Canada
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    唸法是:3. two thousand eight

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    2008 音為 兩千零八年, 所以會是唸 two thousand eight

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