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請問此句中的 commission 如何翻譯才正確?? 3Q

The store\'s goal was to commission a building that could be recognized and identified with the brand immediately from far away, even in photographs, without any signage.


P.S. 請各位高手盡可能附上您對 commission 解釋的reference, and if possible, pls quote the similiar usage from any traceable text (also with reference), cause I need to be 100% sure at this word's meaning IN THIS SENTENCE. Thanks a lot... ^___^

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    commission 在這裡是(投入)使用的意思,就好像海軍的軍艦開始服役,也是用這個動詞。這家店的目標,是利用一棟在遠方就可以看得清楚(辨識)其品牌的建築,即使用的是照片,完全不用廣告招牌。

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    Source(s): 查了yahoo奇摩字典才知道原來commission可以這樣用
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