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Want to be in the meantime to beg the knowledge and absorb the work experience, hence I start from senior high vocational school to specialties choosing the night school to study in.

Graduate from the virtuous and clear institute of technology, the usage Changjei Input Method, Chinese importation amounts to 75 words above, English importation amounts to 50 words above, familiar office clerk\'s system.

In work process holding the post of switchboard, because of the forefront that be placed in to outward contact, even must always face the customer\'s problem, so receive the rite to the customer and should there is equal experience on the answer, as it does also, with work colleague\'ses all have the interaction.While holding the post of the administration assistant, is good at to beat the aspect for the data processing and the clerk with proficiency also gets in touch with the work that the accounting makes the debt.

The character is bright and cheery, having the courage to learn the new thing, the hope ability does the best for your company, thanking!

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    Sorry, I can't type in Chinese, it will take too long for me. But I really want to help you on this.

    I am not sure what you are trying to say, but I guess you are looking for a job and this is your cover letter.

    Here is what I wrote.

    I would like to apply the position as ____ in your company. I realize that I will be able to gain the knowledge and work experience form this position at the same time I am certain that I will be able to contribute my knowledge and experience to the company as well. This will be a win-win situation for both of us.

    Let me introduce myself. I graduate from a Junior College; I attended the school at night so I will be able to work during day time. During my study, I learned how to use Changjei Input Method. I could type 75 words per minutes in Chinese and 50 words per minutes in English. I am very familiar with the duties as a clerk and knowing the system well.

    I do have excellent communication skill. I understand the impertinence of the switchboard operator to the company. It is the first line to interact with customers. The switchboard operator will need good interpersonal skill which is my strong skill. The operator might even be the first one who will be able to resolve customer's issue, internally and externally.

    While working as administration assistant, I have gained good knowledge and experience with data processing and the duties as a clerk. I performed well and with good attitude and interpersonal skill. I showed dedication and proficiency to my job. I helped accounting team on some accounting work which showed my willingness to learn and help as a team member.

    I have very good personality, always want to learn and contribute as a team player. If you have giving me a chance to work with you in this company, it will be the greatest experience for both of us.

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    I found a typo, please change impertinence to importance.


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    要是有中文比較能了解你想表達的意思 要先知道想表達的意思才能看哪裡需要 又要怎麼修改

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