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present 跟 represent的差異??

present 跟 represent這兩個當動詞的時候, 語意有什麼差別呢??

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    present 跟 represent的差異??

    present (Vt.) -- 贈送,呈獻

    -- present (物) to 人 = give 物 to 人:

    Our teacher presented three options to us!

    -- present 人 with 物 :

    Her boyfriend presented her with a box of chocolate on Valentine's Day.

    -- 某事、某現象 present itself:

    His classmates play jokes on him whenever the opportunity presented itself.

    represent (Vt.) --

    -- (抽象地)表現; 某物 represent (呈現 or 表現)出...

    In this new restaurant, all kinds of cuisines are represented.

    It was me she didn't like, not what I represented.

    -- 作為...的代表

    Those politicians we elected to represent us.

    My only aim is to represent our country at the Olympics.


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    present 當動詞是 "呈現, 提交, (做簡報)" 的意思 :

    ex.: He needs to present a 100-page paper in class tomorrow.

    represent 則是 "代表" 的意思 :

    ex: I'll represent Jacky's family to attend his wedding.

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    present 是存在


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