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被退回來 所以請各位高手幫忙訂正 救命!!


When students move to a new school, they sometimes face problems. How can schools help these students with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.


On my ten years-old my mother found the new job so we have moving to Taizhong city. I felt so sorrow and afraid to change

“Everything will be all right”my mother said. I set in class and felt so nervous. I thought I had to go home now and everything is wrong and I don’t know everyone. In the rest time all students together go outside play game but no one play and talk with me only the teacher wan to talking with me. She wants me relax and go to play.” But I did not friends on here” I said. She just smiled and held my hand together went outside to see other children and join us.

On that afternoon day I made new friends and first friend is teacher and felt so happy. After school my mother stands in the school door wait me and take me went home and on the road I told my mother what happened in the school and in the rest time teacher played with me and teacher help me made friends. On the road my mother held my hand and smiled. I will not forget today happen and my teacher to do. Everything was thanked for her.



我需要的不是翻譯 而且你翻的很怪

不過還是很謝謝你 回我

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    When I was ten years old, we moved to Taizhong city because my mother found a new job. I was surrendered by sorrow and fear, wondering what was going to happen to me.

    "Everything will be all right." my mother said.

    When I set my foot in the class on my first day at school, I felt so nervous that nothing seemed to be right to me. I looked at those unfamiliar faces and realized I had no friends here.I wanted to go home, to go back where I belonged.

    During break time, all kids went outside to play games with each other, I was left alone in the classroom. I never felt so lonely and helpless.

    However, the teacher came to talk to me and she wanted me to go outside to play with other kids. "But I do not have any friends here!" I told her so. She gave me a warm smile, held my hand , walked me to the playground and watched me join the group. That afternoon, I made a few new friends and the very first one was my dear teacher.

    After school, my mother waited by the school gate and walked me home. On the way back, my mother held my hand and smile, just like my teacher did earlier that day. I told mom what happened at school and how my teacher helped me to fit in.

    Until today, I can still remeber every single moment I spent my first day at school, and there is one thing I have always wanted to tell my teacher " Thank you for everything."

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    When I was ten years old, my mother got a new job so we had to move to Taizhong city. I was so afraid of changing.

    “Everything will be all right”my mother said. I sat in class and felt so nervous.I wanted to go home now,because everything was wrong and I didn't know anyone. At the break time,all of the students went outside to play game together,but no one played or talked with me.The teacher was the only one who wanted to talk to me. She wanted me to relax and go to play.“But I didn't have friends here ”I said. She just smiled and held my hand.We went outside to join other children's playing.

    On that afternoon,I made new friends and the first one is my teacher.I felt so happy. After school,my mother standed at the school door waiting for me and took me home.On the way home,I told my mother what had happened in the school and in the break time when the teacher played with me and helped me to make friends.My mother held my hand and smiled. I will not forget what happened that day and my teacher.I thanked her for everything she had done.

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    在我的十歲我的母親身上找到新的工作,如此我們已經移動到 Taizhong 城市。 我這麼感覺悲傷和害怕改變

    " 每件事物將是沒關係 " 我的母親說。 我在課堂中設定而且覺得如此緊張。 我認為我現在必須回家,而且每件事物是錯誤的,而且我不認識每個人。 在其餘者中一起定時所有的學生出去遊戲比賽但是沒有人玩而且只和我說話老師蒼白的到和我說話。 她想要我放鬆而且去玩。" 但是我沒有在這裡上的朋友 " 我說。 她

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