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    track 32: marianne's dream

    when marianne started a new picture, she often had the same dream when she went to sleep. in the dream, she went to malapa, the bigger(?) city on the mainland. she walked along the main street, with her pictures under her arm. she went into a store, and sold them for a lot of money.

    then in her dream, she went into a department store, bought a wonderful dress, some pretty shoes, and a beautiful coat. after that, she went back to the first shop, and looked at her pictures in the window. a lot of people were buying them, one man bought three. he was tall, he had dark hair, and he was very good looking.

    "who painted these pictures?" he asked the sales clerk. "that girl there" came the answer. the good looking man walked up to marianne, "i have never seen paintings like these before" he said, "one day you'll be very famous. people would buy your pictures all over the world." marian was very happy. "how do you know that?" she asked. "pictures are my business" he answered, "i buy and i sell them. will you come and have dinner with me? i want to talk about your paintings."

    they had dinner together. the man said: "your paintings are beautiful, but you, are even lovlier than your paintings." they danced together that night, and they fell in love. soon they were married, and then they went around the world together. marianne painted hundreds of pictures. she was famous.

    that was marianne's dream.

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