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    I am happy to share some information with you. I was looking for more students from Taiwan pursuing their further degrees in the States.

    There are few issues you might consider:

    1. Top schools are relatively richer than other schools meaning you may have better chance to get funded. Don't be afraid you are not that "competitive". Just do it.

    2. Choose both professors and schools. Before I came to MIT, I thought that it is ok to pick up a good boss in a less famous school, however, I realized a better school is a plus especially if you wanna get a better job in the States!

    3. Choose a school with more than two professors you wanna work with to make sure you can join one of them.

    4. I assume you have read a lot of papers before, you can start by emailing your resume to those authors to check if they are interested in taking you as a graduate student next year.

    About the rankings, here is the "overal" list (not a "brief" one):


    When you find one specific school, the link can be found in http://www.findaschool.org/index.php?Country=Unite...

    Good luck & let me know if you have further questions.


    2006-03-21 08:44:21 補充:

    concerning the Optoelectronics programs, you can try ECE and ME programs:http://bbs.ntu.edu.tw/cgi-bin/readgem.cgi?board=Ad...

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