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請問astonish 和astound 有什麼不一樣?請問astonish 和astound 有什麼不一樣?

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    astonish surprise (sb) greatly使(某人)驚訝.吃驚e.g:The news astonished everyone.這消息使大家感到驚訝e.g:It astonishes me that no one has thought of this before.以前誰也沒想到這一點.使我感到驚訝. astound(usu passivel)overcome (sb) with surprise or shock;amaze.(通常用於被動)使震驚.使驚奇We were astounded to read your letter.我們看了你的信大吃一驚  希望對你有幫助唷!!!

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