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emily asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



男: ,Can you help me?

女:Oh try what do you need help with

男: you being for here now right

女:That\'s ringt

男:I forget the paper than photos and I need resident visa what do I do first

女:over here and this dram it......

that\'s get one and make short you get everything.......



請到此網站 等個幾秒後就可以下載ㄌ


我已經聽很多遍ㄌ 還是不太了解他們在講什麼?

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    男﹕Julie can you help me? (Julie﹐ 你可以幫忙我一下嗎﹖)

    女﹕I'll try, what do you need help with? (試試看﹐你需要什麼樣的幫忙呢)

    男﹕Well you've been here for a year now, right? (你已經來這裡一年了﹐對不對﹖)

    女﹕That's right! (是啊﹗)

    男﹕I've got all these papers and photos, and I need to get my resident visa. What do i do first? (我有這些表格和相片﹐而我需要申請居留證。我該先做什麼呢﹖)

    女﹕Over here, in this drawer, is an information sheet. Let's get one and make sure you've got everything you need first. (這個抽屜內有一份資料。 先拿一份來確定你有所有的東西吧)

    男﹕Thanks for helping with this. Everything in Taiwan is new to me and sometimes pretty confusing. (謝謝你幫我這個忙。我對在台灣的一切都覺得很新奇﹐有些時候也有點難明白)

    女﹕No problem, let's see. You need your work permit, an employment certificate, your passport and a photo for the resident visa application. (沒問題﹐來看看。申請這個居留證你需要你的工作證﹐受聘證明書﹐你的旅遊證件﹐和你的相片)

    Oh, then here's the form to fill out. (啊﹐然後你要填這個(申請)表格)

    男﹕Check, I've got all those documents. These forms looks pretty easy, so i'll fill that out quickly. (檢查﹐我有這些文件。這些表格看來非常簡單﹐我很快便可以填好了)

    女﹕Well you'll need copies of all these documents. I suggest you do that here, before you leave the office. (你需要這些文件的拷貝。我建議你在離開辦公室前在這裡把表格填好。)

    男﹕That's a good idea. Anything else? (這意見不錯。還有其他嗎﹖)

    女﹕Now that you've finished filling out that form, use this glue to stick your photo in this box. (當你把表格填完後﹐用這只膠水把你的相片貼在這個格子內)

    男﹕Right here? (這裡嗎﹖)

    女﹕Yes , that's it. (是的﹐就是這裡)

    男﹕So, now, am I ready to go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office? (我現在可以去外交部了嗎﹖)

    女﹕Give them your passport, these copies, this form, and let them look at your original papers. They will keep your passport for 8 working days. Finally when you go back to their office, show this receipt and you'll get your passport back with the resident visa in it. (你把你的旅遊證件﹐這些拷貝﹐這表格交給他們﹐和給這些正本給他們看一下。他們會把你的旅遊證件扣留8個工作天。最後﹐你回到他們的辦公室的時候﹐你給他們這張收據﹐他們便會把擁有居民證的旅遊證件還給你。)

    男﹕Great, hey, thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. (太好了﹐嘿﹐ 謝謝你的幫忙﹐我非常的感激你)

    女﹕Don't mention it, we were all new at one time or another. (不用客氣﹐我們沒個人曾經都是新人嘛。)

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