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    Foreign brides come to taiwan and have pregnancy in half to first year is pretty high proportion.

    For this reason, the education such as life skill, language and personal developing for next their generation become public issues because it is difficult for these brides to learn a new language and adopt into our enviornment in a short while.

    However, mother's adaptability cause their next generations are retarded development.

  • is pregnant the proportion high a foreign bridal half year

    to a year, is short wants the bridal completely familiar

    word, melts locally into lives has sleepily . Therefore the next

    generation education , including the word, the life ,

    the personality forms and so on to unfold because of the mother

    has extends .

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    The foreign bride comes to be pregnant an approximately half year to a

    year the proportion to be quite high, in the short time must let the

    bridal completely familiar language, melt locally into lives has the



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