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My Dearm 英文演講稿 請幫我看一下對不對好嗎~感激!

Everyone should also a very big dream, if a person has no dream, being like a ship without rudder, can\'t go to the other shore forever. No matter do what matter, then not aggressive, in low spirits, so so , so succeed then will leave him farer and farer.

My dreaming of me can be in the future the bread teacher, I want to be the bread teacher, the most main purpose is to help some persons and can eat to eat well and then cheapness of bread, make those poor people keep off hungry of pain, lead the happy happy day. However when the bread teacher has to enter to cook the school, then through examination take the license, this isn\'t an easy matter.

The common saying says of good: \"The where there is a will matter unexpectedly becomes.\" as long as I am willing to work hard to beg to go forward, in spite of having another difficult matters can succeed. Therefore since today, I must work hard to study, depending on the strong perseverance, never slack, believe in the future me to can certainly carry out my dream.



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    Everyone should have his own dream; if a person has no dream, it's like that a ship sails without a rudder and never reaches the other shore. No matter what a person does, if he is not aggressive enough or he's always in low spirits, the success will leave him farther away.

    I have a dream that I want to be a bread teacher in the future. The reasons why I want to be a bread teacher is that I can help some people eat the cheap, and still nice bread. Moreover, I can help the poor get out of the pain of hunger and have a better life. However, it's difficult to become a bread teacher for people because they have to enter the cook school first, pass the examination, and then have the license.

    A saying goes that: "Where there is a will, there is a way." I'm willing to work hard to overcome the difficulties I face, and I will succeed. Therefore, from now on I must study harder with perseverance, and I'll never be slack. I believe that I will carry out my dream in the future.

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    哈哈~~我的標題打錯了耶~給我一次修正的機會吧~My Dream~That's right~~^^

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    標題的「My Dearm」~

    啥玩意~ = =|||


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    Wahahaha, are you trying to be funny? u did not seriously write this one for real uh? ur must be on drugs.

    or dont use online translator thing, its piece of crap.

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    我投2號,看來是Steven用心的回答,我也是看了你的一段就因文法錯太多太不通順看不下去了,但是提醒萱一下,如果要用Steven的,記得改一個他的小小的文法錯誤,最後一段,I'm willing to work hard to overcome the difficulties I face, and I will "be" succeed.

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