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翻譯的不通順幫我修正 他是飲食男女的介紹

The father in third movie of the trilogy is a famous Taiwanese chef and widower. Every week, he prepares a banquet for his three adult daughters. The movie opens with mouth-watering preparations for this banquet. Ironically, however, despite his fame, he has recently lost his sense of taste and the beautiful food tastes terrible. As the movie unfolds, each of the characters changes his or her situation in surprising ways.

In exploring the different and changing roles of a father, the three films also look at problems between generations, each not understanding the other. Another theme is the way in which food brines people together. Perhaps it is a lesson Ang Lee learned in his five years at home making meals for his wife and children.

在三部曲的第3 部電影裡的父親是一位著名的台灣主廚和鰥夫。 每周,他為他的3 個成年的女兒準備一個宴會。 電影為這個宴會以令人垂涎的準備開始。 具有諷刺意義的是,然而,儘管他的名氣,他最近已經失去他的口味的感覺了,美食品嘗起來可怕。 電影展開當時,每性格兌換他或她的情勢在驚人方法內。

在探索不同並且兌換的一父親的角色方面,3 電影也看問題在代,每不理解另一個之間。 另一個主題在那些路在那種食品鹽水人一同。 或許是某位精通他的5 年在家為他的妻子和孩子煮菜的課李安。

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