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翻譯英文詩...請別用字典翻喔 謝謝囉~~~ 急~~~


小的有一個自製的中文詩 希望能夠翻譯成英文 可否麻煩各位英文達人幫忙呢 謝謝囉 麻煩請別用字典翻譯 謝謝喔















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    Love can be like the sunny

    can be like the rainning

    also can be like the cloudy

    The Sunny; Love is pretty, is shinning

    The Rainning; Love is ugly, is ghastly

    The Cloudy; Love is danger, is gloomy

    The love of sunny, make people intoxication, memorable

    The love of rainny, make people sentiment, diagreeable

    The love of cloudy, make people nervous, combustible

    Love can be sunny, rainny or cloudy

    We can choose the weather of love

    but can choose advance or backward

    When the love is hover on the cloudy, rainny is approach

    That time, should forget the good of sunny, laughing to let it go

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    The love of rainny, make people sentiment, diagreeableNot "diagreeable", is "disagreeable"~Sorry~!

    2006-03-26 14:29:58 補充:

    Not "Rainning", is "Rainy"Sorry Again~

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    The Sunny; Love is pretty, is shinningUse "Brightly" is better than "Shinnng"

    2006-03-26 14:44:19 補充:

    The translation after proofread as following...由於字數所限,經過校對後的修改版本,連結在這裡:

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    Love can be sunny days,

    but also rainy days,

    or else cloudy days.

    love is beautiful and sunny in sunny days,

    love is ugly while sombrous in rainy days,

    love is desperate and also somber in cloudy days.

    the love in sunny days make people enchanted and unforgettable,

    the love in rainy days make people sorrowful and weary,

    the love in cloudy days make people nervous, waiting for the explosion

    love can be sunny days, rainy days and cloudy days.

    We can decide the weather of love,

    but choose to go forward or backward.

    when love linger on cloudy days, rainy days are coming

    it's time to forget the pretty of sunny days, let it go with smile

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    The love can be a clear sky

    Can be a rainy day

    Can also be a cloudy day

    A clear sky, the love is beautiful, sunlight of

    Rainy day, the love is ugly, gloomy of

    Cloudy day, the love is a crisis of, gray

    The love of a clear sky, make the person infatuate with, make person difficult to forget

    The love of the rainy day, make person sad, make person tired of

    The love of the cloudy day, make person nervous, wait for the explosion

    The love can be a clear sky, rainy day or cloudy day

    We can't decide the loving weather

    But can choose to go forward or retreat

    When the love goes back and forth in the cloudy day, the rainy day has already closed to

    At that time, should forget a clear sky of good, smile to let go

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    Likes being allowed to be the cloudless day

    May be the rainy day

    Also may be the cloudy day

    Cloudless day,The love is beautiful,Sunlight

    Rainy day,The love is ugly,Gloomy

    Cloudy day,The love is a crisis,Gloomy

    Cloudless day love,Causes the person to be infatuated with,Causes the person to be unforgettable

    Rainy day love,Causes the person to be moved,Causes the person to be sick of

    Cloudy day love,Causes the person to be anxious,Waiting eruption

    Likes being allowed to be the cloudless day,Rainy day or cloudy day

    We are unable to decide loves weather

    Actually may choose the advance or the backlash

    When likes pacing back and forth when the cloudy day,The rainy day already approached

    At that time,Should forget the cloudless day good,Smiles is dropping

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    It can be that the rainy day can be cloudy and fine too that the love can be fine, the love is beautiful, the rainy day of the sunshine, the love is ugly, gloomy cloudy day, the love is the crisis, the love of the gloomy fine day, make people intoxicated, make people unforgettable love of rainy day, make people to be sentimental, make people fed up about the cloudy love, making people nervous, it can be fine to wait to break into the love, but rainy day or the cloudy our weather unable to decide to love can be chosen to advance or go backwards when the love wanders up and down on overcast day, the rainy day had already been neared at that time, the ones that should forget fine day are good, let go smiling

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