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我現在人在Auckland上College 明年想去Otago University就讀

但從我看到飛機(台灣去紐西蘭)都只飛到Christchurch而已 那要怎麼再去Otago呢?



還有在Otago就讀時 要住宿舍好呢? 還是租房好呢?(我是國際學生 一切為安全和金錢考量唷)


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    There is no international flight from Taipei to Dunedin. Only to Christchurch or vice versa. There is flight between Christchurch and Taipei, like Singapoare airline, Qantas and others, but some of these airlines require u to stay overnite in those countries.

    U can check the update info about ur desired airlines and ticket prices by calling up these two travel agents in AKL, 正點 +64-9-6232425 (Dominion Rd) / +64-9-3685368 (City) or 彩虹 (09) 3771063.

    I think the cheapest from taipei to akl is by Cathy or China (although many r scared of this one) airlines

    Alternatively, u can arrive in akl by Eva air n take Airnz to dunedin. There are also other domestic flights, but they only fly to Christchurch, like qantas or freedom air. U can then take a bus or drive from christchurch to dunedin, which i dont really like, cuz it takes too long.

    The best way to move ur stuff is either carryin it with u at the same time as u fly down or u drive down there. Or else u have to use shipping transport which costs heaps unless u have heaps of stuff to move , otherwise its not worth it.

    Personally i reckon living in a hostel is better at 1st yr, even though it costs a bit more than flatting, u dont hav to worry about preparing meals and u wil always be kept warm by the central heating system ( mind u, its bloody cold down there, i just got back from there yesterday!!). Its also the best way to make heaps of friends as a 1st yr student down there. Some hostels that i recommend, choose Hayward for bigger rooms, St. Margret for top students learning environment, others r not too bad, its only the distance as a concern.

  • 恩~看你住台灣的哪裡.我住台南.所以我都是到高雄.搭國泰的到香港轉機.香港到基督城.基督城到但尼丁.你可以自己決定坐飛機還是巴士.票價應該是國泰或新航便宜.有時我從台北出境.長榮應該是首選.票價不貴又可以累計里程(tw $30000-35000).台北-奧克蘭.但尼丁國內段機票由網上定.票價的差異很大.基本上如果可以提前2-3個月.都可以買到很好的價格(nz $150)但如果是臨時.就很貴了(nz $350-500).

    搬東西.要看你是重量重.還是體積大.不同的貨運公司有不同的計費方式.要問清楚她們是怎麼計費.yellow page就可以找到很多了.我同學上次從這裡寄了5箱到奧克蘭$240.我覺得還可以.(door to door 不用自己拿去寄)最省的方式.就是把不必要的都在那裡賣掉.來這裡.再上trademe或學校的noticed board找就好.一班學生需要的東西都買的到.



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