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預定在4月份會有不定期的長期休假 『英文』

On the April may be I have a long without fixed Vacation .



May be I have a long without fixed leave .

Update 2:

maybe I want to take a long without fixed leave .

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    月份用 in 吧﹐除非你有整個日期才用 on (例如: On April 15th, ....)。

    In April, I might take a long unscheduled vacation.

    In April, I might take a long leave. My schedule is not fixed yet.

    In April, I might be away for a while. I have not determined the exact dates yet.


    In April, I might take a few extended breaks. I have not decided/set the exact dates yet.

    其實 "不定期的長期休假" 這句中文說實在我看不是很懂.... 我想 unscheduled vacation 應該有傳達到意思吧。

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    How about put it this way -I can take a long leave in April, but the real schedule is uncertain yet..

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    I decide/plan that I will (probably) have a nonscheduled long-term rest on April.


    I decide/plan to have a long-term rest without set the day on April.


    我個人也忘了是on the April 還是on April就行了...

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