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    Besides lessons, has served as class' cadre and class to take the place of too, at the same time because of the relation of interests, I have joined the mouth organ society, besides studying the music, during serving as the vice president, plan, hold a lot of studying and performances, from studying to much skills of linking up the coordination in this, achieved the goal of realizing by oneself at the same time. Once there was transient working experience of service trade after graduation from university, later entered and served in the army, because study speciality of the electrical machinery, the smooth one is chosen the missile unit, hold and equip the post which operates hands, is defending the territorial sky of Taiwan together with fellow officers, so set up quite thick emotion, even so, troops' life is only transient in my career is planned, science and technology is mankind's greatest happiness. So I am quite interested to invest the field of the electron industry, can hope for a already strength to the limit, give play to the chief of institute for the company.

    To one's own work in the future, I will define oneself again another a series of development of study, school and before study finding as teacher it treasure of I the experiences of companion, hope to can be competent at while serving your company, I know even more that want the demand of the actual industry of study more modest, in order to but since restricts rowing in the field that the school studies, by expecting the self- further the whole respect is promoted, and make contribution to the development of your company.

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