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您知道詩人鄭愁予的英名? 什麼詩作?(鄭愁予)

您知道詩人鄭愁予的英名? 什麼詩作?鄭愁予是中国人?台湾人?

鄭愁予zuo英語的詩作? 我学了中文10個月・・・ran后我想看英語(英文)的詩作。

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    I personally don't think you would understand Zheng Chouyu's works if you've being learning chinese only for 10 months.  However, you could try to find the book on line: " Frontier Taiwan", published by Columbia University in the year 2001. Edited by Michelle Yeh and N.G.D. Malmqvist. ISBN 0-231-11846-5.  There are 14 poems of mr. Zheng being collected in this book, among many other modern chinese poetry. quote from the book:Mr. Zheng Chouyu (1933- ) " pen name of  Zheng Wentao, was born into a military family in He'nan province and as a child traveled all over China with his father.  He grew up in Xinzhu in northwestern Taiwan and graduated from National Zhongxing University with a B.A. in foreign languages and literatures.  He received an M.F.A. from University of Iowa and for many years has been teaching Chinese at Yale University."Here is one of the 14 pieces for your reference:Border Inn   (1965)(translated by Shiu-Pang Almberg)The autumn territory is divided under the setting sunAt the border, yellow chrysanthemums stand in silenceAnd he has come from afar, drinking soberlyOutside the window is a foreign countryHe longs to step out and in one stride attain homesicknessThat beautiful longing, within the reach of a stretching armPerhaps it'd do no harm to get drunk(He is an enthusiastic taxpayer)Perhaps he should sing aloudAnd do more than the chrysanthemumsMerely standing by the border.--------------------------------------Please note that I copied this one only because it is short. :) Mr. Zheng has published a dozen books of poetry and " Frontier Taiwan" included only 14 of them.

    Source(s): <Frontier Taiwan>, published by Columbia University
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