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What is taken-for-granted?

When I am studying about some textbooks, there is a word I don\'t understand that is \"taken-for-granted\" in the contents. Could someone please help me to explain it and to distinguish from \"taken for granted\".




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    你問這個問題的時候,應該把上下文寫出來,這樣會更清楚,讓答題的人更能針對你的問題明確地回答。taken for granted 有兩個含義:1.形容詞詞組:evident without proof or argument,即不證自明、不言而喻。例如:We hold these truths to be ~。2.動詞詞組的被動語態,原型是 take...... for granted。意思是:accepted as real or true without proof,被認爲是理所當然、天經地義的。例如:You don't know anything about hardworking, you just take everything for granted. (原型)又如:His loyalty was ~。以上是 taken for granted,是動詞。英文裡,經常爲了表達同樣的意思而會把一些以成形的動詞詞組、甚至整句話拿來做形容詞用。這時候,就會把這些動詞詞組的單字之間用 “-” 連接起來,以示這是一個字,而不再是一個詞組。所以就出現了 taken-for-granted,這是一個 形容詞,後面應該是跟名詞或名詞詞組。例如:He never appreciated anything she did for him, and acted as a taken-for-granted jerk。同樣的用法還有:We are completely lost in this who-knows-where bush.

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    請問你是要整個翻譯還是只是要問 "What is taken-for-granted?" 這句意思呢?

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    The thing I did is taken for granted by you. 我所做的被你視為理所當然

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    如果沒有錯的話,你所敘述的" taken for granted"這個片語原來應該是 "take...for granted"。

    意思為 "把....視為理所當然"


    Sometimes people may take it for granted that the drinkable water they use daily are illimitable.




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    Oh I'm sorry! I misunderstand your question. Can you show me the whole sentence in your textbook? It might be much clear and help you better! Thanks!

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    Sorry,my Engilsh is not very good , sc maybe I am not able to help you.

    If you have a question, you can continue to ask again. I will do my best to answer you.

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