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羅爵 asked in 旅遊亞太地區台灣 · 1 decade ago


如題, 我英文程度不太好,對這方面有點困難.麻煩有能力的大大幫忙@@\"

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  • karen
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    1 decade ago
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    about Wulai spring

    Wulai locates the most south of Taipei County with total area of 321 square kilometers and Wulai is the only hilly village. Wulai is named after its older name from Wulai organization, Urail. Its legend can be traced back 300 years ago when the native Atayal tribal people hunted at Wulai found smoking hot water gushed from river valley then yelled "Uraikirofu" urai that means steaming hot.

    The native used hot spring gushed from Nan-Shih Stream as their natural bath tub so hot spring in Wulai has history of 300 years. During the Japanese occupied period, the Japanese built the "Police Club" on east side of Nan-Shih Stream for the Japanese police and built public bathroom for the native to use on west side.

    about Beitou spring

    Beitou Hot Spring Bathhouse was built in the 2nd year of Emperor Dazheng during the Japanese rule (1913). It was a duplicate of the hot spring bathhouses of Shizuokaken Idouyama in Japan, built by the Taipei City Government. On the first floor, there were large and small hot spring pools and on the second floor, there is a watchtower, built with wooden shingles. The bathhouse was then run by the health department of the Taipei City Government. After Taiwan was returned to the Republic of China, the bathhouse was opened to the public and its name was changed to 「Zhongshan Hall.」It was also used as a hostel by the Taipei County Council.




    2006-03-15 14:36:54 補充:

    hot spring.剛漏打"hot" >"<

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  • 1 decade ago <-- 台北市北投戶政

    裡面有中文網頁和英文網頁可以對照看看。 <-- 台北縣烏來鄉公所


    Source(s): 北投和烏來鄉公所
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  • 1 decade ago







    Source(s): y4ru3
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