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商用英文翻譯 , 煩請協助~感謝~~

我使用翻譯軟體 , 翻的好不通順~ 煩請高手們協助~感謝~~


British Telecom (BT) was one of the leading providers of fixed and mobile communication services in the world. BT was one of the largest private sector enterprises in Europe with a market capitalization of over ₤50 billion. BT’s primary activity was supplying local, long-distance, and international telecommunication services and equipment to the United Kingdom. BT employed more than 129,000 people worldwide, and through its vast network, BT served twenty-seven million exchange lines. BT’s international direct-dial telephone service was available in more than 230 countries and overseas territories. BT had been very involved in the development and marketing of a wide range of advanced data and multimedia solutions and technology.

While AT&T was seeking to expand internationally through partnerships with foreign carriers, BT was pushing forward with a megaproject to build its own global network. In 1992, BT unveiled its billion-dollar-plus project “Cyclone”, a high-capacity multimedia network, handing phone calls, computer files, and video conference. As part of the plan, BT expected to have massive switching centers operating in at least twenty cities, including London, New York, Frankfurt, and Sydney, by the end of 1993. By the year 2002, BT expected to have thirty-two hubs in its network, connecting every major city.

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    英國電信(BT) 在世界上作固定和移動的通信業務的主要提供者之一。 BT 用超過 0 十億的市場資本化在歐洲是最大的私營企業企業之一。 BT主要活動正提供本地,長途,和到英國的國際電信服務和設備。 BT 雇用全世界的超過129,000 人,並且透過它的巨大的網路,BT服務於2700萬條交換行。 BT 國際直撥電話服務在超過230個國家和海外地區可提供。 BT非常涉及大範圍先進的數據和多媒體解決辦法和技術的發展和銷售。

    當AT&T 想辦法與外國搬運工國際上透過合作擴大時,BT正繼續推進megaproject建造它自己的全球網路。 在1992內,BT 初次展示它的十億-美元和工程yclone 大容量多媒體網路,交給電話,計算機檔案和電視會議。 作為計畫的部分, BT 期望有巨大轉接中心在至少20 座城市操作, 包括倫敦,紐約,法蘭克福和雪梨,在1993末之前。 以2002年,BT 期望有32個中心在它的網路內,連結每座主要城市。

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