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About Houston City

各位朋友請教一個問題, Houston City有很多公路但我分不出來 Expressway(Freeway) 跟 Highway標示, 我只知道45跟610號是 Expressway但其他就不會分了,

像 75 59 90號這3條是算 Highway嗎還是Expressway??

那288 527 5 73 225等等號又算哪種路呢??



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  • 2 decades ago
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    美國的公路系統,主要分3種,跨州的Interstate、US Route、State Highway



    US Route(US Highway):像是警徽的形狀,白底黑字。

    State Highway:圓形或橢圓型,也是白底黑字。



    1. Interstate 10 - Katy Freeway (to west) / Baytown East Freeway (to east)

    2. Interstate 45 - North Freeway (to north) / Gulf Freeway (to southeast)

    3. Interstate 610 - North Loop, South Loop, East Loop, and West Loop

    4. U.S. Highway 59 - Southwest Freeway to southwest / Eastex Freeway to northeast

    5. U.S. Highway 90 - Beaumont Highway

    6. U.S. Highway 90A - South Main St. (Houston's first and only "mini-freeway")

    7. U.S. Highway 290 - Northwest Freeway, Hempstead Highway

    8. Texas Beltway 8 - Sam Houston Parkway/Tollway

    9. Texas Highway 99 - Grand Parkway

    10. Texas Highway 122 - Fort Bend Parkway

    11. Texas Highway 225 - Pasadena Freeway, LaPorte Freeway

    12. Texas Highway 249 - Tomball Parkway

    13. Texas Highway 288 - South Freeway, Nolan Ryan Expressway


    1. Hardy Toll Road (a portion of this road is similar to Austin's Mopac Expressway, in that an active railroad runs through the center median)

    2. Westpark Tollway (a unique toll road in that it has no collection booths, only electronic tolltags can be used)

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