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整容手術不稀奇,換一張別人的臉才厲害!好萊塢兩大男星、加上聞名全球動作導演,共同成就了這一部風格獨特、毫無冷場的動作巨作。FBI探員西恩( 約翰屈伏塔 飾,「 法網邊緣 」)追捕恐怖殺手凱斯特( 尼可拉斯凱吉 飾,「8釐米」)長達8年之久,凱斯特曾殺害他的兒子,兩人因此結下了不共戴天之仇。一次,為了調查致命炸彈的放置地點,西恩自願取下自己的臉皮,換上昏迷中凱斯特的臉,混入監獄與其匪黨搭上線,以套出炸彈的放置地點。但是沒想到,清醒後的凱斯特也換上了西恩的臉,搖身一變為FBI探員,使西恩的家庭與事業陷入了危機......一場正邪兩方的激戰於是點燃!諷刺的是,兩人彷彿陷在敵人的身體中,他們要如何挽回自己的「臉」呢?此片最值得一提的,是香港大導演吳宇森(「斷箭」、「 終極標靶 」)的執導功力,他將暴力畫面處理的如詩一般美麗,同時他所著名的慢動作鏡頭,在此也發揮得淋漓盡致。時代雜誌曾推崇此片為「一部黑暗、巧妙又狂暴的電影」。

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    The face-lift is not rare, it is terrible to change a others' face! Two major male stars of Hollywood, adding the director of movement well-known throughout the world, have accomplished this style together uniquly and having awkwardly silent movement great work at all. West kindness of person who visits FBI (John crooks the tower decorations of dog days, ' the edge of net of justice ') Capture the terrific killer Kester (Buddhist nun's Lars' triumphant lucky decorations, ' 8 centimetres ') For 8 years, Kester has murdered his son, two people forge inveterate hatred. Once, in order to investigate putting the place of the deadly bomb, west kindness takes down one's own face voluntarily, change Kester's face while going into a coma, sneak into the prison and its robber's party and put up and reach the standard grade, putting the place of the bomb appears with set. But has not expected, Kester after waking up changes the face of west kindness, changes one's identity suddenly for the person who visits FBI, make the family and undertaking of west kindness fall into the crisis ......Then two evil square fierce fighting are being lighted once! The ones that were satirized are, two people walk back and forth Buddha falls into the enemy's body, how should they retrieve one's own ' the face '? This slice worth mentioning most, Wu Yusen, famous director of Hong Kong, (' broken arrow ', ' ultimate mark ') Effect of directing,deal with he because if poem the getting more beautiful generally, he slow motion scene of name at the same time picture violence, it is thorough to perform too here. It is ' a dark, ingenious and violent film ' that Time-Life News has praised highly this slice.

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