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CPR:Certified Risk Professional風險管理師

CPR考試是由國際風險管理協會(Profession Risk Manager\'s International Association)設計的風險管理職業考試,考試對象僅針對PRMIA的會員。




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    1 decade ago
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    我記得這個考試名稱是PRM, 主要是針對財務方面的風險管理, (因為我之前要找工程的風險管理執照, 看到有Professional Risk Manager的執照就很高興, 後來才發現是財務方面的), 台灣有人考上過, 聽外商銀行的朋友說的, 但是不多就是了..


    2006-03-22 11:16:52 補充:

    PRMIA is the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association. Formed in January of 2002, is the premier meeting place of the risk profession with more than 60 chapters around the world and over 30,000 members from more than 165 countries.

    2006-03-22 11:17:46 補充:

    A non-profit, member-led association of professionals, is dedicated to advancing the standards of the profession worldwide through the free exchange of ideas.

    2006-03-22 11:18:39 補充:

    PRMIA offers the only globally endorsed Professional Risk Manager (PRM) certification program, pursued by over 1,400 active candidates from more than 80 countries, more than any other risk certification program. More information can be found at

    Source(s): http://www.
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