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    Sportsacross the board- applying to all (in horse racing a bet where an equal amount of money is placed on a horse to finish in any top winning position)The workers received an across the board wage increase and most of them were happy. arrow in one's quiver- have a number of resources or strategies that one can followHis ability with languages was another arrow in his quiver and helped him in his business life. at this stage of the game- at some point, at some time during an activityAt this stage of the game I don't think that we should spend more money on the project. back the wrong horse- make the wrong choice, support the wrong thing (from horse racing)The students backed the wrong horse in the election for school president and were very surprised at the winner. ball is in someone's court- it is that person's turn to act next (from tennis or a similar game)We made an offer to buy the business and now the ball is in the owner's court to accept our offer or not. ballpark estimate/figure-a guess in a certain area or rangeWe were given a ballpark estimate as to how much it would cost to buy the business. bat a thousand- be successful in everything that you doThe salesman was batting a thousand during his sales trip to Europe.beat the gun- do something before the ending signal of a game etc.We were able to beat the gun and applied before the final deadline to get the free basketball tickets. behind the eight ball- at a disadvantage (from the black ball which is numbered eight in the game of pool)Our friend was behind the eight ball when he discovered that he was last in line to register for his classes. beyond one's depth- in water that is too deep, do something that is too difficultThe executives appeared to be beyond their depth when they chose to pick a fight with the unions.

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