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尋求英文文章校定 很急啊 拜託高手幫忙



希望能幫我校訂一下 ..贈與20點啊...

Speech title : One of my unusual babits .

Certainly there will be many persons have a lot of unusual habits in their whole life, I am no exception. A lot of persons will have the condition of habitual diarrhea or can not sleep before the examine, and for me, I always clean out my room before the examine!

I remembered when I was a freshman, I cleaned out my room again before one week of the mid-exam. In the beginning, I stared to clean the table, Immediately after I tidy up my bed, I put the bed sheet and the pillow cloth to the washer, and finally I also dismantles down my electric fan, starting cleaning the dust of the inner part, this action was frightened to death my three roommates. When they asked me why I did so? I also don\'t know how to explain my action that differs with the ordinary people! Perhaps I have relation with the character that I excite. When everyone is busy in preparing mid-term exam, I’m busy in clean out the room just like to spend the New Year, when I get into a hot dispute of time, one of my roommates helps me to sweep together, I feel very warm in my heart. But she was still wonder very much, why she should have to clean out the room with me in this time? After making a careful thinking, perhaps I just hope to own a very clean studying environment to let me study, and it also perhaps to do so will let me forget nervous feeling!

To sum it up, I must tidy up the room, I will be quiet down to study, this is my unusual habit, hearing after finishing, You should rejoice isn\'t my roommate?



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    One of my unusual habits

    People are sure to have or develop many unusual habits in their life time, and I am no exception. I am sure you’ve heard of people coming down with habitual diarrhea or cannot sleep before a major exam. As for me, I always clean my room before an exam!

    I remembered the first mid-term in my freshman year, I took out my broom and mop and did a thorough cleaning one week before the exam. I started with my desk. Then I stripped down my bed and put the bed sheets and the pillow case in the washer. But what actually frightened my three roommates was that I even dismantled my electric fan, and cleaned the dust of the inner part, blade by blade!

    When they asked me what I was doing and why, I wasn’t able to explain my action, which differs from ordinary people. Maybe it has something to do with my motivating character?? Anyway, when everyone’s busy with mid-term preparation, I was busy cleaning and dusting like it was the New Year! Thank God, one of my roommates was nice enough to pitch in and help me before I got exhausted from the cleaning. The funny thing is that until the end, we were both still wondering why we wasted all those time cleaning!

    Now that I think about it, perhaps I just want to have a clean and enjoyable learning environment for me to study. Or maybe it’s just a way for me to calm down and put that nervous feeling out of my mind! In any case, my room has to be 100% clean before I can settle down and study.

    After hearing my unusual habit, aren’t you glad that you are not my roommate??

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