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instead of後面接什麼

Please tell me below sentence which one is right:

Instead of me or instead of I.



請問instead of後面是接受詞嗎?


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    instead of 後面接的是名詞或名詞片語(在介系詞後→受詞,在這裡也是屬受詞)


    I like comic books instead of textbooks.

    Instead of staying at home, I prefer shopping with my friends.

    代替某人:通常會使用 to substitue for somebody或 to fill in for somebody等等


      Because Jane doesn't have enough creativity, the boss decided

    to let Mark substitute her.

    Jack can't come this afternoon. Can you fill in for him?

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    Kick him to the curb Instead of giving in

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    Instead of 這個用法不適用在你的問題。

    應該用 You cover me for the metting. 會比較好

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    instead of me


    因為沒辦法看到你全部的句子, 所以只能先給你那個答案了

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