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7.consist of = compose of 嗎? 只能用物當主詞是嗎?

8.有一篇文章前面講 污染 後面有一句話

It is also _____to water in lakes, often killing plants and fish that live there.

a.polluted b.beneficial c.harmful d.damaged


1. 為何不可以用D 我記得好像有 damage to 這個片語是吧?

2.請幫我分析 選項ABCD 單字的相關用法

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    7.consist of = compose of 嗎? 只能用物當主詞是嗎?Ans: 一些相關的片語把它記下來吧:全體是由部分所組成的:全體 + be composed of + 部分全體 + be made up of + 部分全體 + be comprised of + 部分全體 + consist of + 部分這裡的全體跟部分的關係可以是事物,也可以是人!!8.有一篇文章前面講 污染 後面有一句話It is also _____to water in lakes, often killing plants and fish that live there.a.polluted b.beneficial c.harmful d.damaged Q:1. 為何不可以用D 我記得好像有 damage to 這個片語是吧?2.請幫我分析 選項ABCD 單字的相關用法 Ans: (A) Something is polluted.  這是被動,polluted不是形容詞!(B) A is beneficial to B: A對B有益處,這語意就不對了!(C) A is harmful to B : A對B有壞處!(D) damage當名詞時的用法才是有加上to的: cause/do damage to something 對某物造成傷害something is damaged: 某物受到傷害,這也是被動句時在用,放在這裡也不對!

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    damage是動詞。而這句已經有be動詞 is了。


    這句答案只有 C 可以選



    pollute vt. The fume exhausted by the vehicles pollute the atmosphere.

    beneficial adj. To quit smoking would be beneficial to your lungs.

    harmful adj. Eating too much is harmful to your healthy.

    damaged vt. or adj.

    damage n. or vt. A torrent of rain came down and damaged the crops.

    damage to 名詞片語 The earthquake gave severe damages to the semiconductor industry in Taiwan.

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