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植物學英翻中Plant regeneration from

Plant regeneration from leaves of sweet and sour cherry cultivars

Leaves excised from shoot cultures of sweet cherry and sour cherry developed shoots on Lloyd and McCown woody plant medium supplemented with 2mg benzylaminopurine and 0.5mg NAA.

After cutting the leaves into three segments perpendicular to the midrib and culturing under equivalent conditions , regeneration occurred more frequently in basal segments than middle or apex segments.

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    種植再生從甜和酸櫻桃培育品種葉子, 葉子被切除從甜櫻桃和酸櫻桃被開發的射擊,射擊文化在Lloyd 和McCown 木質的植物媒介用2mg ,benzylaminopurine 和0.5mg 被補充NAA 。在切開葉子成三段垂直對葉主脈和開化在等效情況下之後, 再生更加頻繁地發生了在基礎段比中間或尖頂段。

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    從酸櫻桃與甜櫻桃的幼芽培養體上生出的葉子,在Lloyd and McCown木頭介質上配合2毫克benzylaminopurine和0.5毫克NAA.培養,成功長出幼芽.


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