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smallvile 影集所出現的漫畫人物?

在 smallvile 影集所出現的漫畫人物有哪些,


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    i love Smallville!! Somebody saaaaaavvvveeee me!



    Superman characters in Smallville

    This is a list of characters appearing on Smallville from the Superman comics. Each entry includes the episode of first appearance.

    Aquaman (Arthur Curry) (Aqua)

    Brainiac (as Milton Fine) (Arrival)

    Cyborg (Victor Stone) (Cyborg)

    Morgan Edge (Exile)

    Jor-El (voice) (Calling)

    Clark Kent (Pilot)

    Jonathan Kent (Pilot)

    Martha Kent (Pilot)

    Kid Flash (Bart Allen) (Run)

    Krypto (Krypto)

    Lois Lane (Crusade)

    Lucy Lane (Lucy)

    Lana Lang (Pilot)

    Lex Luthor (Pilot)

    Mister Mxyzptlk (as Mikail Mxyzptlk) (Jinx)

    Pete Ross (Pilot)

    Maggie Sawyer (Insurgence)

    Perry White (Perry)

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    名字 ( 出現的那一集的名稱 )

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