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Air pollution of because of mainly is come from the automobile, factory, power plant and incinerator etc. to exhaust a great deal of waste gas.In addition, the dust that floats in the sky in the construction engineering and the cement works, \"second-hand smoke\" and some chemistries air etc. these also will pollute the environment;Some countries carry on nuclear explosion\'s experimenting, also will make a great deal of air been subjected to the pollution.

The automobile usually ejects the waste gas

The pollutant of the automobile jet has the sulphur dioxide and oxidizes the pollutants, such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide and lead...etc.And these pollutants would to our healthily have the tremendous influence.

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    Air pollution mainly comes from a great deal of waste gas exhausted by automobiles, factories, power plants and incinerators. In addition, construction of buildings like cement works cause dust floating in the air. Plus secondhand smoke and chemical air. Otherwise, some countries carry on muclear explsion experimenting which causes a big deal of pollutant air. All of the above pollute the environment.

    Automobiles usually exhaust the waste gas.

    The pollutants come from jet of automobiles include sulphur dioxide, oxidizes, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and lead, etc. These pollutants would cause tremendous damage to our health.

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    Mostly, pollution of air comes from exhaust gases of automobiles, factories, power plants and incinerators …etc. Besides, air pollutants could be the dusts and smokes that come from construction sites and the cement plants and so called "second-hand smoke" and wastes gas out of chemical plants… etc. These pollutants also pollute our environments.

    Some countries carry on nuclear explosion experiments, that also makes a great deal of radioactive pollutants, including radioactive dusts and particles.

    Automobiles exhaust pollutant gas, that includes sulfide dioxide, Nitro oxide, carbon oxide and lead ...etc. And these pollutants are sure to be great threats to our healthy.

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