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In defying calls to halt all enrichment-related work, Iran seems to be counting on divisions in the U.N. Security Council over whether to resort to sanctions mooted by the United States.

請問啊…In defying calls....what does it means? 也請幫忙解釋一下…此段英文!…謝謝大家勒!!


over whether 為什麼有over這個字呢??請幫忙解釋一下…是文法的問題嗎?

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    call這裡是籲請,要求的意思defying calls不理會要求全文:伊朗似乎看準了聯合國安理會對美國提出對伊朗制裁的草案意見分歧,不理會停止所有相關改善工作的要求

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